Eco-manifesto "It Starts with Me"

Eco-manifesto "It Starts with Me" five plays by playwrights from the United States, Canada, India, Iraq, and the United Kingdom, combined into an experimental dramatic and plastic performance. The play is the first production in Ukraine to be realized as part of the global Climate Change Theatre Actionhttps://www.climatechangetheatreaction.comfounded in 2015 in the United States to draw attention to environmental issues, especially climate change. "It Starts with Me consists of five separate plays: Caridad Svich "A Letter from the Ocean", Yolanda Bonnell "Drip", Hassan Abdulrazzak "Laila Pines For The Wolf", Abhishek Majumdar "The Arrow", Chantal Bilodeau "It Starts With Me".

The cast of the play includes: Armen Akopian, Konstantin Andrievsky, Olya Boyko, Ilya Herhul, Olexander Kolpakov, Polina Kompaniyets, Olga Melashenko, Dmitry Peretyatko, Olena Rosstalna, Yaroslav Shchotka.

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Choreography by Svitlana Likhnita

Video by Mykhailo Pakhanov

Animation and editing by Vladyslav Boyko

Music by Sveinung Nygaard (Norway)

Translated by Olena Rosstalna

Performance-quest "The Blue Bird"

(project "Theatre in the Museum")

The Blue Bird (based on the play by M. Maeterlinck) is a story about the search for a dream, which combines incredible adventures of the characters, miraculous transformations and touching discoveries. The performance is presented by actors of AmaTea Youth Drama Theater and students of the theater and music classes of the Asol Children's Music Development Studio. Together with the actors, the audience travels through the six halls of the museum.

Hunting for the Killer

(based on the play by W. Mastrosimone)

One day, a student comes to college and decides to take revenge on those who, in his opinion, have been insulting him. How to overcome their ridicule? How to silence them? Where is the way out? This is a story about laughter and indifference, about humiliation and punishment, about the terrible consequences of nightmarish actions.

Josh - Bohdan Musyka

Katie - Olha Boyko

Emily - Yulia Sokotska

Michael - Bohdan Leshchenko

Met - Yevhen Kryachok

Actor 1 (father, grandfather, witness, voice) - Oleksiy Fursenko

Actor 2 (judge, witness, voice) - Olena Rosstalna

Actor 3 (mother, witness) - Olha Melashenko

Actor 4 (psychiatrist, witness, voice) - Rodion Sychev

Actor 5 (policeman, director, witness, voice) - Oleksandr Kolpakov

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Sound, light and poster design by Maksym Obytotskyi

Photo by Mykhailo Pakhanov

June 31 (project "Theatre in the Museum")

The play based on the novel by J.B. Priestley intertwines two worlds - modern and medieval - to unite the hearts of Sam, a romantic artist from the 21st century, with the dreamy Melicent, a princess from the time of King Arthur. In order to be together, the characters have to endure many trials, prove their faithfulness to their feelings, overcome the intrigues of the ladies of the court and the tricks of evil sorcerers... But is it scary to go out to fight a dragon if you can get not only a knightly title, but also the hand of your beloved as a reward?

Melicenta, Princess of Perador - Maria Romanovska

Sam Penty, artist - Illia Herhul

Meliot, king of Perador Oleksandr Kolpakov

Lady Ninet Нінет – Olga Melashenko

Noble Elison, Peggy Polina Kompaniets

Miss Dimmock Olya Boyko

Ann Daton-Swift Eva Ilchenko

Dr. Jarvie, Master Jarvis Dmytro Peretyatko

Captain Plunkettт Armen Akopyan

Queenie the barmaid Olha Khromova

Morgana Olena Rosstalna

Malgrim Bohdan Musyka

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Stage adaptation of the text  Olga Melashenko

Catch the Thief (project "Theatre in the Museum")

The comedy, based on the play by Dario Fo, tells the story of a robbery that has unexpected results.

Thief - Oleksandr Kolpakov

The thief's wife - Olha Khromova/Yulia Sokotska

The Man - Bohdan Musyka/Ivan Ihnatovych

The Woman - Olya Boyko

Anna - Olga Melashenko

Antonio - Oleksiy Fursenko/Taras Negrov

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

Photo by Mykhailo Pakhanov


The play was created by artists from three countries in the project "The Different Stages" implemented by the Youth Drama Theater "AmaTea" (Ukraine, Chernihiv) and the organization "Initiatives of Change" (Sweden). The project is officially included in the European program "2018 - Year of Cultural Heritage in Europe".

The idea for the project which refers to a common episode in the history of Ukraine and the Scandinavian countries, emerged in 2016 at an international cultural exchange program in Ukraine.Curators Nik Dee-Dahlstrom (Sweden) and Olena Rosstalna (Ukraine) successfully presented various stages of the project (trainings, performances, scientific and pedagogical developments) in cultural and educational institutions in Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland. In 2018, the project became one of the winners of the Participatory Budget in Chernihiv. In the summer of 2018, the performance was presented at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, and in the fall in Chernihiv. The musical narrative "Ingigerd" also premiered as well.

Ingegerd - Olga Melashenko

Olaf - Rodion Sychov

Yaroslav - Oleksiy Fursenko

Anna - Sofia Sedko/Kaisa Palm

Jarl Regenwald - Bohdan Musyka

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Script by Moa Sjogren

Music by Sveinung Nygaard (Norway)

Life music by Oleh Boyko (Ukraine) and Sveinung Nygaard (Norway)

Translated by Nik Dee-Dahlstrom and Olena Rosstalna

Photos, video shooting and editing by Mykhailo Pakhanov

Poster design by Maksym Obytotskyi

Knights of the Round Table (J. Anouilh)

The darkness brought on by the evil sorcerer Merlin turns the lush and majestic kingdom of Camelot into a sleepy desert devoid of color, joy, and birdsong. Deceit and lies drive out of the hearts of Arthur's entourage all the pure and sincere things that once shone and flourished there. Darkness is about to overcome even the noblest... Can victory, courage, and true love overcome betrayal and meanness? Will the last sinless heart have the strength to dispel the darkness and show lost souls the way to salvation?

We offer you a modern interpretation of the medieval legend of the search for the Grail, the exploits of the Knights of the Round Table, and the tragic love of Queen Guinevere and Lancelot.

King Arthur - Taras Negrov

Queen Guinevere - Yulia Sokotska / Olha Holovach

Merlin - Oleksiy Fursenko

Gawain, Arthur's nephew - Oleksandr Kolpakov

Lancelot - Oleh Honchar

Sagramur, Arthur's son - Vladyslav Boyko

Ihreina, Arthur's daughter - Sofia Ryabukha

Galahad - Olga Melashenko

Director and set design - Olena Rosstalna

Poems by P. Celan and R.M. Rilke

Poems are read by Vladyslav Boyko, Fedir Onyshchenko, Sofia Ryabukha, and Tetiana Zheleznyak.

Video and editing by Mykhailo Pakhanov

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

FLEURS DE VIE(lyrical comedy based on the play by L. Franchini)

How often do we wonder what flowers represent? The rose is considered to be a symbol of love, the daisy is the embodiment of shyness. But there are also Iris, Lily, Pansy, Petunia, Tulip... What do you get when you put them together?

We will get an incredible love story, where the main characters are Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria, the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I, the emperor himself, an unnamed Austrian artist and his beautiful wife Marguerite. Balls, receptions, ladies in luxurious dresses, gallant gentlemen and the glitter of European palaces combined with the enchanting landscapes of the Austrian province await you.

Rose - Olga Melashenko

Narcissus - Konstantin Kaminsky

Petunia - Olha Golovach

Tulip - Taras Negrov

Iris - Oleksandr Buyev

Lilia - Olga Sayko / Olesya Melnikova

Pansies - Oleksandr Kolpakov and Olena Rosstalna

Smoking pipe - Olexiy Fursenko

Statue - Maria Feoktistova

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Choreographer - Svitlana Likhtina

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi 

A Fan for Love (a strange love story based on the play by Yukio Mishima)

The play by the Japanese playwright is full of contradictions, riddles, and symbols. The human soul is surprisingly fragile and tender, and it is so easy to break with a lie. A soul broken by betrayal can never be made pure again. And promises that are fulfilled too late are worth no more than fallen autumn leaves that die under the feet of lonely people who expect nothing more than death. In the end, good and evil are very relative categories...

Hanako, the crazy girl - Olha Golovach

Jitsuko, artist - Olga Melashenko

Yesio, a young man - Oleh Honchar/Rodion Sychev

And also

Konstantin Kaminsky/Bohdan Leshchenko

Maria Feoktistova

Olena Rosstalna/Yulia Sokotska

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Choreographer - Svitlana Likhtina

Art - Maria Feoktistova

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi


Performance-impression "A Kind of Life"

Our lives are full of interesting events, unforgettable meetings, dreams, feelings, and impressions. Some of them we quickly forget, but some remain forever. Perhaps there is more hidden in the old dusty attic than we think? Sometimes it takes just one look at a simple thing to make a beautiful picture of the past, immortal and eternally young, shine in bright colors.

The play is performed by: Oleh Honchar, Oleksiy Fursenko, Taras Negrov, Olha Holovach, Olha Melashenko, Maryna Lapa, Olesya Melnykova, Olena Rosstalna

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

The Canterville Ghost (a material idealistic story based on the novel by O. Wilde)

A respectable family of wealthy Americans, the Otises, buy an old manor house in England, and along with the land and house, they inherit a grumpy and capricious ghost, Sir Simon Canterville, from the previous owners. The wayward spirit can't stand such abuse and begins to play tricks on the new tenants. The confrontation between the representatives of the Old and New Worlds begins!

Will the Otises survive this neighborhood? What secret do the ancient records hide? Will a tired soul be able to find the desired peace after centuries of suffering and loneliness? And what is true love? You will learn about all this by watching the performance.

Sir Simon Canterville - Oleksiy Fursenko

Virginia Otis - Olga Melashenko

Hiram Otis - Oleh Honchar/Taras Negrov

Lucretia Otis - Olha Golovach

Washington Otis - Taras Negrov/Vladyslav Boyko

Nevada Otis - Yulia Sokotska

Miss Amni - Olena Rosstalna

Lord Canterville - Oleksandr Kolpakov

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Literary editor - Olga Melashenko

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

Living Portrait

Spain of the 17th century is full of beautiful ladies, noble gentlemen, burning passions, crazy love and harsh customs that do not always allow lovers to unite their hearts... Family secrets, duels, intrigues of a cunning servant and forbidden love that overcomes all obstacles, exquisite poetry and incendiary flamenco - all this awaits you in the comedy "Living Portrait" by the Spanish playwright Agustin Moreto.

Don Fernando de Rivera - Taras Negrov

Tacon - Oleksiy Fursenko

Donna Anna - Olha Golovach / Yulia Sokotska

Dona Inessa - Olga Melashenko

Don Pablo de Ruan, Inessa's father - Oleksandr Kolpakov

Don Lope, Inessa's brother - Oleh Honchar

Leonora, the maid - Yulia Sokotska \ Olha Golovach

Don Felix - Oleksandr Buyev

Rosita - Sofia Ryabukha

Maritza - Inna Huzema \ Tetiana Zheleznyak

Luis - Fedir Onyshchenko

Miguel - Vladyslav Boyko

Flamenco performed by Maria Feoktistova

Literary editor - Olga Melashenko

Director and sound engineer - Olena Rosstalna 

Trilogy (based on plays by T. Williams)

The play-travel will take the audience to an ordinary American province, where every house has a secret, and behind every "perfect" life there is a desire to escape from the gray reality.

Supervisor - Ivan Ignatovich

                   Mr. Ray - Oleksandr Buyev

                   The Lady - Olha Golovach

                   Dorothy Simpl - Maria Feoktistova

                   The young man - Oleksiy Fursenko

                   Policeman - Ivan Ignatovich

                   Mrs. Dull - Yulia Sokotska                          

                   De Poitevin's widow - Olha Golovach

                   Ariadne de Poitevin - Yulia Sokotska

                   Mrs. Tatuyler - Maria Feoktistova / Olga Melashenko

                   Mr. Tatuyler - Oleksiy Fursenko

                   Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

Antigone (J. Anouilh)

The famous French playwright allows us to see one of the greatest tragedies of antiquity in a slightly different light. This is, first of all, a play about loneliness: loneliness in a crowd, loneliness in the silence of an empty room, loneliness on the eve of the most important choice in life, loneliness in the face of death... King Oedipus' daughter Antigone has to choose between her duty of honor and her own desires. Will she remain true to herself? And what does her young soul really want?

Antigone - Olga Melashenko

Creon - Konstantin Kaminsky

Hemon, son of Creon - Taras Negrov

Ismene, sister of Antigone - Olha Golovach

Eurydice, Creon's wife - Victoria Kravchenko

The guards - Ivan Ignatovych and Oleksandr Buyev.

Nurse - Yulia Ruban

Choir - Oleh Honchar, Oleksiy Fursenko, Oleksandr Kolpakov

Ghosts - Ksenia Bushmanova, Olga Sayko

Director and set design - Olena Rosstalna

Costume design - Olena Rossalna

Set design - Oleksiy Fursenko, Roman Frolov

Body art - Olena Dubovenko

Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

The Cenotaph or Odysseus and his women

(О. Beiderman)

Odysseus, the hero of the Trojan War and the author of the Trojan Horse project, who helped the long-suffering Greeks finally win the victory under the impregnable walls of Ilium, returns home to his beloved wife Penelope after 20 years of wandering. But the family idyll is interfered with by women with whom our hero had relationships during his travels, and who at the same time had the idea to visit their beloved in Ithaca. What was Odysseus' real path? The ironic interpretation of the immortal Homeric poem will not leave anyone indifferent.

Odysseus - Oleh Honchar

Achilles - Andriy Boyko

Polixena - Ksenia Bushmanova / Olha Golovach

Circe - Tatiana Zolotarenko / Ksenia Bushmanova

Scythian princess - Olga Melashenko

Calypso - Victoria Kravchenko

Navsikaya - Alyona Slautina

Penelope - Lyudmila Macedon

Euryclea - Olena Rosstalna

Statues by Oleksiy Fursenko, Olha Panchenko, Olena Dubovenko, and Oleksandr Kolpakov.

Director and set design - Olena Rosstalna

Literary editor - Olga Melashenko

An Importance of Being Earnest (O.Wilde)

Jack Warding, landowner - Oleh Honchar

Algernon Moncrief - Yevhen Potapenko/Taras Negrov

Canon Chasuble, Doctor of Theology - Oleksiy Fursenko

Mary, Warding's maid - Olena Dubovenko

Lane, Moncrief's footman - Olexandr Kolpakov

Lady Bracknell - Olena Rosstalna

Gwendolyn Fairfax, her daughter - Olga Melashenko

Lucille Cardew - Alyona Slautina

Miss Prism, her governess - Victoria Kravchenko

Lady Harburn, a friend of Lady Bracknell - Ksenia Bushmanova

Director and set design - Olena Rosstalna

Literary editor - Olga Melashenko

Костюми – Людмила Македон

Olga Melashenko

Олена Дубовенко

         Sound engineer - Maksym Obytotskyi

Widows (based on the play by S. Mrozek)

The tragicomedy Widows by Polish playwright S. Mrozek is a mysterious, funny and sad story about an unusual event that happened one day in a cafe. An intricate plot, an unexpected denouement, and masterful dialogues - this is Widows. The fates of strangers are intertwined in a tango rhythm, leading to a single figure. Whose face is hidden under the mask?

The first husband - Oleh Honchar

The second husband - Kostiantyn Kaminskyi.

The first widow - Tetiana Zolotarenko

The second widow - Olga Melashenko

Waitress - Olena Rosstalna

A mysterious lady in a veil - Victoria Kravchenko

Directed by Olena Rosstalna and Oksana Shkurat

Translated into Ukrainian by Olga Melashenko

Stylist - Lyudmila Makedon

Art - Tatiana Zolotarenko

Choreographer - Hlib Zhytniuk

Sound director - Oksana Shkurat

CAROL (S. Mrozek)

An unusual tandem visits an ophthalmologist: a blind old man with a gun and his eccentric grandson. They desperately need to get a prescription for glasses to carry out a mysterious super-important mission, and they will stop at nothing to get it.

It would seem that the plot is quite simple, but under this ostentatious transparency lies something much more serious. The play raises questions of human decency, honesty, and integrity that are so relevant in our time.

Ophthalmologist - Oleh Honchar

Grandson - Andriy Boyko

Grandfather - Oleksandr Kolpakov

Directed by Olena Rosstalna

Sound director - Lyudmila Makedon

Silence (Janine Worms)

The play Silence, based on the work of French writer and representative of the theater of the absurd Jeanine Worms, consists of nine miniatures united by the subtitle "tragedies in a minute". Aggressive and harsh, sometimes sarcastically ironic, the miniatures depict individual episodes of everyday life, filled with the idea of the absurdity of human existence. The characters of the work are trying to find their place in this world, to earn the right to happiness, but they do it in a rather unusual way, destroying not only their lives, but also the lives of those around them.

The play is performed by: Oleh Honchar, Kostiantyn Kaminskyi, Olha Melashenko, Tetiana Zolotarenko, Tetiana Kapitova, Olha Velychko, Lidiia Popova, Olha Sayko, Viktoriia Kravchenko, Liudmyla Makedon, Valentyna Dzhevago

Directed by Olena Rosstalna and Oksana Shkurat

Sound director - Oksana Shkurat

Eternity and One More Day (M. Pavich)

Love that is stronger than death, human attempts to cross the boundaries of what God has allowed in order to get closer to the Creator, mystical coincidences of circumstances and events, actions that affect the lives of an entire generation, variability of the future... Everyone chooses a story to their own taste, composing elements of this non-linear work of Serbian genius at their own discretion, because the knowledge of eternity and truth is an intimate individual process. We do not impose our vision, but only lift the curtain a little.

The play is performed by: Kostiantyn Kaminskyi, Olha Melashenko, Tetiana Zolotarenko, Tetiana Kapitova, Olha Velychko, Olha Sayko, Viktoriia Kravchenko, Liudmyla Makedon, Valentyna Dzhevaha, Olena Rosstalna, Oksana Shkurat, Solomiia Makar

Directed by Olena Rosstalna and Oksana Shkurat

Sound director - Oksana Shkurat